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inMotion iM9
inMotion iM9
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inMotion iM9
Extreme Sound. Rugged Portability.
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  • Huge, crystal-clear sound with large speakers

  • AC or Battery-operated

  • Charges your iPod

  • MaxxBass Technology

  • Retractable Dock

  • Shock-resistant design

  • Video Output for iPod photo and new iPod video

  • Deluxe Backpack included
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Artur Woźniak


You can't count on every room to have concert hall acoustics. That's why the iM9 speaker system is such a good choice for the dorm room or any room. It's compact, so it fits just about anywhere and is easy to carry. And it delivers high-volume, high quality sound even in less-than-ideal surroundings. Shock-resistant elements ensure durability. It comes with a rugged backpack-style carry bag. And it fits, syncs and charges all dockable iPods and links iPod video and iPod photo players to a TV set.