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Concert-Style Fidelity in a Home System!
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  • Features InConcert™ Technology
    The fusion of pro audio line-array and tri-amp technologies, Altec Lansing’s InConcert uses three separate amplifiers to power a total of 12 high-performance, full-range Micro Drivers. A frequency filtering system beams intense, concentrated audio straight out. You’ve never heard audio like this!

    • Pure, Intelligible Sound
      Crisp, clean sound feels like it’s being directed right at you, without reverb from floors and ceilings.

    • Virtually No Volume Drop-Off
      Whether you’re sitting in front of the speakers or several feet away, you’ll hear every nuance of sound.

  • Exceptional Bass
    Rattle the room with low frequency bass from a 6.5” ported woofer set in a low-resonance wooden cabinet

  • Slim, Flat-Panel Profile
    Shielded satellites look terrific next to your flat-panel screen or mounted on wall (base is removable).

  • Wireless Remote and Control Pod
    Either way, control of bass, treble and master volume levels is at your fingertips. Just sit back and enjoy!

  • Auxiliary Input Jack
    Connect two different audio sources – your PC and MP3 jukebox for example – at the same time.

  • Headphone Jack
    For private listening.
"The FX-6021 is currently our favorite speaker system, for both its sound and its design."
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The Altec Lansing FX6021 with InConcert™ technology is a 3-piece system for the music, gaming, or home theater enthusiast. A revolution in pro audio, InConcert technology enables the FX6021 to deliver crisp, clean, full-volume sound that feels like its being directed right at you. InConcert Technology directs the sound straight ahead and to the sides, not up and down. So the sound is pure and clean, uncluttered by reflections from the ceiling or floor. Two ultra-slim satellites feature a total of twelve 1” neodymium micro drivers, with each pair of micro drivers powered by its own discrete amplifier. A 6.5” ported subwoofer completes the sound with low-frequency, full-throated bass.